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All survey control should be installed with the intention of it lasting as long as practicable and if possible for the life of the mine, although this is usually not always known.

The typical material tubing used for wall stations is either aluminum or stainless steel. Both these materials have good anti corrosion properties with stainless steel having excellent properties. Stainless steel is however more expensive.

User should be aware that some mines have highly corrosive environments, and these environments can be very destructive to aluminium. It has been found that some copper mines produce a mine water that corrodes aluminum within weeks of its installation. You should test the life expectancy of the sleeves, to understand how permanent your new stations will be.

It is advisable to use a mixture of both aluminum and stainless steel sleeves when creating a survey network.

Blasting Dust

The dust created from blasts saturates a heading and can find its way into a wall station sleeve. Dust can render the wall station unusable as it can prevent the Wall Station stem from fitting into the sleeve. Wall stations should always be installed at an angle just below horizontal to allow for the washing out of the sleeve. Another simple solution to keep dust out of the sleeve is to use an ear plug to block the end of the sleeve.