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This page contains useful information about Wall Stations. Select a topic from the list below to read more.

Installing a wall station with a sleeve

You will require the following tools;

Cordless Drill
10mm and 12mm drill bit
Spray Bottle
KNEAD IT (Selley's)
Wall Sleeve (Aluminium or Stainless Steel)

Step 1

Select a location to install the new wall station. This location needs to be a safe distance from any advancing faces (blasts) or mobile traffic path. It should be located at an easy to reach height and placed in solid stable rock. And finally the most important criteria for selecting a location is good positioning and sighting from the previous station and the next proposed station.

Step 2

Use a hammer to tap the rock to hear how if the ground is solid. Installing the station in drummy loose ground is a waste of time as the rock (ground) could move or fall off the wall.

The hammer can also be used to scale small loose rocks away from the selected location .Note only use a hammer to scale rocks if you are experienced in doing so and are not in breach of any of your sites safety processes.

Step 3

Drill the hole. The sleeve has an outside diametre of 10mm so it is possible to use a 10mm drill bit to drill the hole. Skill is required to drill the hole straight otherwise the sleeve will not push in. Keep a 12mm bit spare just incase the hole is not straight and requires reeming.

When drilling the hole angle it up slightly so any debris can be flushed from the hole allowing it to drain. Ensure the hole is drilled depper then the length of the sleeve.


Step 4

Wash the drill cutting from the hole using the spray bottle. Cleaning the hole allows the wall station stem to fit into the hole and ensures the KNEAD IT will adhere to both the stem and the rock making a strong bond to hold the station firmly in place.

Test to see if the stem will fit in the hole. You should be able to push it in by hand atlest half way. If not then the hole should be reemed out with the 12mm bit and re flushed with water.

If you attempt to hammer the tube into the hole you risk the tube deforming which can render the station useless.


Step 5

Take a small peice of the KNEAD IT from the sausage and begin working it in your hands, you may want to wear gloves as the KNEAD IT leaves a chemical residue on your skin which can be difficault to remove.
As you work the KNEAD IT it will begin to warm up. This is a chemical reaction and is suppose to occur. The KNEAD IT is a two part product and the mixing (working) of the product activates the reaction. When it begins to feel quite warm you will have another 60 seconds to place the product in the hole and positon the tube before it begins to go off (hard).

Step 6

Place a small ball of KNEAD IT in the back of the hole and use the remainder to create a collar around the tube creating a bond around the rock.
Tap the tube into the hole leaving about 5 to 10mm of the tube protruding from the hole.
Give the KNEAD IT 5 minutes to go hard before attempting to use the station.

Place tube

Step 7

Paint the station up to clearly define its placement and to make it easy to identify. Paint the Station ID next to it or place a small name plate next to it.