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Benchmark Software
Mine Surveying Applications

Benchmark Software designs and builds mine surveying applications for use with Leica Geosystems total stations  

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Our Products

All files on this page can be downloaded and tested at no charge, some applications (not free of charge) will expire after a set period or run in demonstration mode. Instructions to purchase applications are available within the applications themselves or alternatively you can contact for more information.

Geovia Surpac (macro) Applications

  Product Cost ($Aus)
download MSO Software V2.03
$2500 ex-gst
download Join Macro Free of charge
download Emergency plan symbol macro Free of charge


Leica Geosystems Onboard Applications

  Product Cost ($Aus)
download Forward Station - Viva Free of charge
download Forward station - 1200 v8 Free of charge
download TPS1100 - Onboard underground menu Free of charge
download TPS1100 Scan software Free of charge


Other downloads

  Product Cost ($Aus)
download Wall Station paper - B.McCormack pdf Free of charge
download Format files for TPS1200, GPS1200 and VIva Free of charge