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Benchmark Software
Mine Surveying Applications

Benchmark Software designs and builds mine surveying applications for use with Leica Geosystems surveying equipment.  

Leica total station

Wall Stations

The placement of survey marks in the walls of an underground mine is commonly known as wall stations. These stations are physically located in space and can be referenced when a wall stem and prism are inserted into the station. This system of surveying underground is the most popular for hard rock mines throughout Australia and is gaining popularity all over the world. If you would like to know more click here


Mine Survey Office (MSO) is an application to seamlessly upload and download information from Leica Geosystems survey equipment.
MSO is designed to run in the Surpac software environment and allows for the successful implementation of wall station surveying. Features of the software include logging of downloaded data, the creation of field books and data files for all surveys, and the seamless creation of survey results into both traverse databases and graphical strings. All points created in the string file also contain valuable meta data. For more information click here.


Other products available on this site include tools for the Leica 1100, 1200 and Viva total stations, and some uncompiled Surpac macro's